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factory custommemory cotton pillow
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 Memory cotton pillow, latex pillows, hydrophilic cotton pillow, the pillow

1.100% pure natural latex products
2. Natural environmental protection, no pollution
3. Non-toxic, anti-mite anti-bacterial, anti-allergy
4. Correction, sitting, lying posture
5. Latex pillows can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar and lower blood pressure
6. Strong elasticity, can be a good buffer of human pressure
7. According to ergonomic design, the effective promotion of sleep
8. Latex pillows can effectively reduce snoring, suitable for asthma patients
9. Latex pillows can effectively reduce the human body and the static electricity generated between the fibers
10. Honeycomb structure, with good air permeability, rapid dissemination of human body heat
11. Formulated by high-tech scientific formula, durable, never deformation

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